Case Study

Organisation Transformation & Leadership Development


where China


how many 1000+ people


how long 3 years


A leading fashion brand in China was growing rapidly in 2010 and the team was doing a solid job managing the growth. However business challenges were emerging

  • Performance was not consistent throughout the business
  • Leaders and managers at all levels were being stretched beyond their capability
  • Some City Managers were ‘empire building’ and some had a not invented here’ syndrome

The Organisation and People Development challenges included

  • Lack of an organisation and people development strategy
  • Leaders at all levels had not been equipped with the capability to meet the challenges of their roles



We used our Team Effectiveness assessment with all core teams down to City Manger level and tracked clear improvements in team effectiveness scores in all city management teams. This has been achieved not by doing team development training but by developing the capability of the City Managers to lead and manage their teams.


We run an annual Strategy Planning workshop each year where the top team analyses the current reality and re-defines long-term objectives and the Must Win Battles. The People Development strategy focuses on building capability in order to win the Must Win Battles and includes the development of structures systems and processes, as well as the design and delivery of management and leadership development programs for the three levels of management.


We have used The Leadership Circle 360 for the top 25 leaders as the starting point for a transformational leadership journey. When the 360 was re-run 2 years later, results demonstrated significant shifts, many transformational, in the results moving from ‘problem-reacting’ behaviors to ‘outcome-creating’ behaviours.

over 3 years

We built the capability of the oganisation and the top two levels of leaders (65 people), and developed core competencies throughout the organisation down to Store Manager level (1000 people).