Leadership Development

“The greatest challenge of our times is building the leadership capacity in order to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”
World Economic Forum 2013.

Engage us for Leadership Development when

  • You want to build the effectiveness of your top 50 leaders
  • You want to accelerate the development of your local leadership
  • You want a structured Management & Leadership Development Program for your emerging / middle managers

What to expect

  • 1An ongoing process Leadership development is a journey and one‐off initiatives don’t work.
  • 2World‐class tools We use cutting edge tools to assess the current reality, inform the development journey and track the progress.
  • 3Vertical Learning Leadership Development requires increasing Capability (Horizontal Learning) and Consciousness (Vertical Learning).
  • 4Tailored approach Each leadership development journey is tailored to the needs of the organization and the leaders involved.
  • 5A range of methodologies We utilize a range of methodologies in order to achieve the required mindset and behaviour transformations.

At the core of effective organisations is effective leadership.

It is the leaders who define the direction and execute the strategy

Who hire, lead and manage the people

Define and role-model the culture

Build the structure systems and processes

Effective leaders have:

Capability. They have the knowledge skills and experience they need to do the job.

Credibility. In addition to having the capability, they have the character required to be effective.

Consciousness. They have the self-awareness to make conscious, constructive choices about their behaviour and their language.

Impact. They have positive impact on the people and the organisation, effectively achieving results.

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Effective Organisations are aligned around a common direction, and effectively execute their strategy.


Effective Organisations have the right people in the right roles, with constructive mindsets, working collaboratively together.


Effective Organisations have a constructive culture that enables performance and flow, enabling the behaviours that are required in order to effectively execute the strategy. Customs reinforce the culture.


In effective organisations, the structure systems and processes reinforce the behaviours required to effectively execute the strategy, and people have the tools they need to do their job.