“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”
Bob Nardelli. CEO Home Depot.

Engage us for Coaching when

  • You want to enable an important / emerging leader to realise their full potential
  • You need to support senior leaders to grow into their roles
  • To support leaders through a period of transition or change
  • You have managers or leaders who need to improve self awareness and change certain behaviours
  • You want to provide support for your managers and leaders to achieve their performance development targets
  • You have a leader who needs to move from problem reacting to future creating behaviours
  • To create mindset and behaviour shifts in your leaders
  • To create culture change in your organisation and help leaders to role model the desired culture
  • You want your managers and leaders to use a coaching style to develop their people and teams
  • You want to provide group, team or peer coaching on specific areas of focus


  • 1Absolutely top quality coaches
  • 2A clear and well‐defined process
  • 3 Careful matching with the right coach
  • 4A strong support team to ensure effective coaching programs.
  • 5Expertise on a range of 360, personality and behaviour instruments and assessments. Depending on the situation you may want to use a 360. We often begin coaching assignments with a 360 to provide insight into the current situation or define current leadership team culture.
  • 6Interviews. We will engage with HR and the boss and other invested sponsors for input and alignment on objectives and for support, observations and feedback during the process.
  • 7Sensible evaluation of the impact of the coaching, the coach and the process

One-on-one coaching for senior and middle level leaders. Focus ares may include:

– Leadership development

– Performance development

– Role transition

– Change management

– Career development


One-on-one coaching for senior leaders. Focus areas may include:

– Building organisation effectiveness

– Building people capability

– Effectively executing strategy

– Leading & managing change


We help organisations build a coaching culture through:

– Developing managers as coaches

– Developing internal coaches

– Developing a coaching culture


To overcome specific challenges within the team and attain team effectiveness. Challenges may include:

 – Alignment to direction

 – Ways of working

 – Interaction

 – Mindset

 – Achieving results



To set up peer coaching in intact and non intact teams to develop in certain areas or overcome specific challenges. Topics of focus may include:

– Leadership development

– Change management

– Communication

– Project related