Targeted Solutions

Our focus remains firmly on our Purpose, which is to ‘transform the effectiveness of leaders, teams and organisations, for good’.  But the best way for us to acheive this, has evolved this year.

Here is an update about how we have adapted what we are offering, and how we are delivering it, based on feedback from clients about your priorities and needs.

The main needs we are hearing about are as follows:

    • Review and refresh the strategy, fast
    • Engage people to execute well
    • Innovate & lead change like never before
  • LEADING TEAM - Adapt
    • Redefine our way of working in the new normal
    • Recognise and get through team Storming
    • Deepen heart to heart connections wherever we are
  • LEADING SELF - Nurture
    • Develop courage and the ability to perform in the middle of the tornado
    • Shift personal mindsets, habits and behaviours in support of the new way of working
    • Build resilience

We have adapted our solutions and delivery approach to precisely focus on these needs, and are happy to report we are already seeing great results.

The Approach:

  • 1 High impact, practical, and quick to implement
  • 2 Can be delivered online, offline or blended, and
  • 3 A significant and clear return on investment

Territory Mapping

If you want to get from A to B and you have not been there before, you need a map!

This strategy mapping approach taps into the wisdom of the tribe, and quickly and effectively brings:

Clarity – about where you are, where you are heading, and the opportunities and challenges along the way

Alignment – a team which has been engaged in a creative process and is committed to the execution of the plan


We have developed a practical and inspiring. Theory U methodology which enables teams to flourish through change, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed or becoming stuck.

The approach enables people to identify the inner barriers that are holding them back, and to move beyond them together.


Virtual Team Effectiveness

We have adapted our team development offerings to be a blend of online and offline with a combination of:

Online assessment – gaining clarity on the current team performance and priority development areas

Virtual or face to face workshops – inspiration for what to change and how to do it

Team coaching – living the change


Leading with Courage, Clarity and Compassion

We have increased the focus of our coaching and leadership development programs on priority topics including:

Resilience – building the resilience to bounce back and adapt

Courage and compassion – developing the right balance of leading with an open heart, and a strong back

Dialogue – for adaptive challenges, ‘the solution lies in the dialogue’. We build the skills for how to get into dialogue, and stay in it to allow solutions to emerge