The starting point for any development initiative, whether for an individual, team or organisation,
is a clear understanding of the current reality.

Engage us for Assessments services when

  • You want to know what’s really going on.
  • You would like absolute clarity about the development priorities.
  • You would like to use tools as part of the way of measuring the R.O.I. on the work we do.
  • You would like to track the development progress of the individuals / teams / organisation.

What to expect

  • 1World‐class tools We use cutting edge tools to assess the current reality, inform the development journey and track the progress.
  • 2The right tool for you We will discuss with you what is the best tool/s for your situation. This may be tools you are already using or tools we can recommend based on our experience

– Re-administer the tool after an appropriate period (normally between 6 months to 1 year).

– Check progress and R.O.I.

– Define the new development objectives.



– What assessment tools and approach will best support the achieving of the objectives, for this particular person/team/organisation?

– Decide and administer the tools.


– What are the objectives that we need to achieve?

– What outcomes need to have been delivered by the end of the process?




– What is the starting point and how will we assess that?

– What is the end point and how will we assess that?

– What does the learning journey look like?