Case Study

Leadership Team Development


where China


how many 1000+ people


how long 3 years


After a recent acquisition, the organisation was experiencing a number of typical post-merger issues.

  • uncertainty about the future
  • lack of clarity about who was going to do what
  • internal focus
  • a new management team, with a new boss, from the company which had been acquired

The organisation was struggling in the market, with 6th place in market share.



Quickly build the effectiveness of the leadership team
This we did by periodic use of our Team Effectiveness Profiler, which highlighted how the team saw its performance in 5 dimensions and 25 team competencies, and importantly what the team believed were the priority development areas. Each quarter, the team would do a pulse check survey, review progress and recommit to developing in the new priority development areas identified. Development interventions included alternatively 2-day then 1-day workshops with the management team every 3 months.


Build alignment around common Mission Vision and Must Win Battles
We worked with the management team to define a commonly agreed Mission, Vision, and Strategy Map (set of Key Strategic Objectives) for the new organisation. The Objectives were further prioritised into 3 core Must Win Battles which were reviewed every 6 months.
We also conducted a series of workshops to communicate the company direction, develop department – level initiatives, and build team effectiveness and commitment lower down the organisation.


The results:
• The leadership team’s effectiveness was transformed from below average to very high performing within 9 months, and stayed at that level of performance.
• Alignment around the strategic direction was achieved early in the process and was maintained.
• Levels of staff engagement soared in the first year and stayed at high levels throughout the term of our engagement.
• In the 3 years we were working with the team they grew from being 6th in the China market, to 1st .

over 3 years

In the 3 years we were working with the team they grew from being 6th in the China market, to 1st .