Mel Leow

With over 26 years in Coaching, Consulting, Marketing and Leadership in the Asia Pacific region, Mel’s key drive is to Empower Catalysts and Leaders to Live. Be. Brave. Described as a thoughtful listener, professional, calm, genuine, intellectually stimulating and emotionally compassionate, Mel serves c-suite executives from global MNCs to regional and local organizations, to lead and thrive at their best in an ever evolving and highly competitive environment.

Mel has 4500+ hours of Executive and Team Coaching experience and is one of 1250 Master Certified Coaches globally credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In his zeal for Coaching, Mel runs an online school that trains and equips the future generation of Coaches globally. As an experienced Executive Coach, he has served hundreds of leaders and teams across industries including finance, technology, retail, manufacturing, energy, aviation, education, health, and non-profit.

Mel is a co-author of three books “Bring Out Their Best”, “Coach Wisdom” (Volume II), “The Calling” and author of the upcoming book “ENGAGE – How to Stop Living in Default and Start Living the Life You Desire”.

liubing, October 13, 2020