Leadership development

“Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders every time.” Bill Adams

Engage us for Leadership Development when

  • You want to build the effectiveness of your top 50 leaders
  • You want to accelerate the development of your local leadership
  • You want a structured Management & Leadership Development Program for your emerging / middle managers
  • You have a high potential / important leader who has the potential to achieve so much more


  • An ongoing process Leadership development is a journey and one-off initiatives don’t work.
  • World-class tools We use cutting edge tools to assess the current reality, inform the development journey and track the progress.
  • Vertical Learning Leadership Development requires increasing Capability (Horizontal Learning) and Consciousness (Vertical Learning).
The Leadership System

The significant research behind the model and the tool shows strong correlations between strength in the Creative dimensions, and Leadership Effectiveness & business results.

The Leadership System

The tool not only provides insight into the behaviours a leader is demonstrating, but also the underlying assumptions and beliefs that are driving those behaviours. It is in raising the Leader’s consciousness of these underlying patterns of thinking where transformational shifts in performance occur.

The Leadership System

Designed to increase collective leadership effectiveness. The Leadership Circle is a universal model of leadership development and the best leadership 360 that we know of.

The Leadership System

The Leadership Circle points to levels of adult development.

  • 领导力发展

    “我们时代所面临的最大挑战是如何打造应对21世纪诸多挑战的领导力。” 2013年世界经济论坛。

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  • 团队发展

    “团队协作是普通人取得不普通的成绩的秘诀。” —埃菲尼伊·奥诺哈。

  • 战略执行



  • 组织变革


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